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PAUL JUSKE 105723202 Walker Recaller Report : 3 elements of interest.

As entered on petition and encoded into database
Click To View Name: PAUL JUSKE
Street: 6520 N WHISPERING PINES Click To View
Zip: 54547
Municipality: MERCER
Date Signed: 12/1/2011
Total Political Contributions: $60.00
Put Wisconsin First took every signature line address and pushed it through the Wisconsin GAB's web site page that tells you who your legislator is. The GAB's web site not only returns the Assembly and Senate districts but validates the entered address. It returns a repaired address, if it can.

No legislators could be automatically assigned to this street address. It is possible this address doesn't exits or is not a legitimate address for use on petitions.

Likely Political Donation Match
This match is based on a name and address search of Wisconsin Campaign Finance Information System records at http://cfis.wi.gov/. Put Wisconsin First is making no assertion that the person with the same name and address is actually the person listed above. This is research you would have to do for yourself to verify. We are only an index.
Date:  10/08/2014
Name:  Juske, Paul
Amount:  $60.00
Address:  (6520 Whispering Pines Dr) (Mercer) (WI) (54547)
Receiving Committee:  Iron Co Democratic Party (GABID: 0300085)

See Paul Juske line # 2
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PAUL JUSKE 6520 n whispering pines mercer WI 54547 Official GAB Page # 57396

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Recall Petition Data: Originally entered by VerifyTheRecall's volunteers. This data was downloaded as Microsoft Excel files and imported into a database. Each recall signature was given a unique SID (signer identification number). This database was then "rehabilitated" using numerous online databases but mostly the GAB's own web site. By running every single address through the GAB's "Who is my legislator" form Put Wisconsin First was able to use the GAB's own system to verify and correct the addresses. This also generated the Assembly and Senate districts for each recaller. The now rehabilitated addresses were then geocoded into latitude and longitude locations using Google and Bing. These results were processed to 'normalize' the locations.
Sex Offender Data: Every recaller's name and address was checked against the State of Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry. Names and addresses that matched were placed into a new database.
Wiscsonsin Delinquent Tax Payers: Every recaller's name and address was checked against the State of Wisconsin Delinquent Taxpayers list. Names and addresses that matched were placed into a new database.
Wisconsin Circuit Court Records: Every recaller's name and address was searched in every Wisconsin Court Case Record, over 9 million cases were searched. This took over 30 days to process. What this produced is a new database containing every match to every recaller's name and address in every court case in the Wisconsin system. From mentions in probate to convictions of murder and election fraud.

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